Make Geoff jump!

Geoff is brave enough to let us pilot him, but will he jump out of a plane

Geoff is the president of Exsight Tandems Illawarra and has been blind since childhood. He rides a tandem bike with anyone who will pilot him. This takes courage to trust another person to safely negotiate the Illawarra roads and cycleways. But does he have the courage to jump out of a plane?

One of Geoff’s tandem pilots, Dallas, also happens to be a tandem skydive instructor with Skydive Australia (Skydive the Beach). He wants to take Geoff for a skydive over Wollongong. Geoff is apprehensive, and needs some motivation to do it. If he could raise some awareness for his beloved Exsight Tandems charity, or even find some new vision impaired people to get involved with Exsight, that would do it, he says.

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Dallas – Tandem cycling and tandem skydiving!

We are also asking people to donate to Exsight to give Geoff the motivation to jump. You can donate using the paypal button at the top of the page.

Will he?

Acoustic Target Shooting Update

Seven Vision Impaired Exsight members are competing in the international postal Home Range Cup (HRC) target shooting competition for 2021.

COVID restrictions have limited the number of European shooters involved this year, with only one VI shooter from Austria competing in the same Division as the Exsight shooters. Regardless, Steve, Peter, Rhonda and Sarah are all shooting scores that would have placed them highly in pre-COVID HRC competitions.

After 2 rounds and a possible maximum score of 1308: Steve is in 1st place with 1245.5, Peter in 2nd with 1236.8, Rhonda in 3rd with 1234.5, Sarah in 4th with 1230.3, Victoria in 6th with 1201.2, Bronwyn in 7th with 1167.1, Troy in 8th with 1080.3. Round 3 of a total of 4 rounds has just commenced with Sarah setting the “bar” at 620.3 out of a possible maximum of 654 for 60 shots. This is an average of 10.3 per shot (maximum possible is 10.9 per shot).

Welcome to the New Site

This has taken some time to get together, but we’ve finally done it!

The new aims to pull together the old web-presence of the Illawarra and Armidale branches, and finally gives some space to our Acoustic Target shooters.

We’ve also provided some space for our Supporters and updated our Donation options via PayPal.

On top of that, we’ve got some cool stuff coming up in the real world, so keep in touch here and via Facebook for more.

The Mt Keira Challenge 2015

The second Mt Keira Challenge was run on Sunday 22nd November 2015, and of course Exsight was on the scene. Three (3) tandem teams from eXsight Tandems Illawarra participated in the ride to the summit, all mounted on Cannondale tandems.

Pilot Aldo Vella and Mechanic Geoff Hunter filed the following report
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MS Sydney to the Gong Ride 2015

The ride from Sydney to Wollongong in support of the MS Society was held on Sunday 1st November 2015.

eXsight Tandems Illawarra was well represented on the 2015 MS Sydney to the Gong Ride, with four (4) teams on Cannondale tandems and three (3) solo riders, participating in both the 90 km and 56 km rides. A total of $935 was raised by the eXsight TRN team as sponsorship for the MS Society.

Geoff Hunter has written the following report
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Terry Wall: Introduction to eXsight

Four tandems at the Illawarra Velodrome

I’ve always been one who looks for an adventure in life. In 2003 I went for a bicycle ride with my 17 year old son Joshua to Africa. We took our mountain bikes with panniers, tent, sleeping gear, cooking gear and rode from Johannesburg, through the Kalahari Desert of Botswana and all the way to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

We still had a long way to go on our journey to the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. Once arriving in Nairobi we then ventured high up into the mountains to climb the 2nd tallest mountain in Africa, Mt Kenya. The following week we made our way to Moshi in Tanzania and climbed the ultimate mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro. Now that was an incredible experience.
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A Brief History of Exsight Tandems

In April 2008 Geoff Stratton had an Apollo tandem, an old beach cruiser tandem and was put in contact with Peter Meers, who had some experience captaining a blind person on a tandem. This is the seed that would become Exsight, but how did this pair grow into a group of over sixty members in Wollongong, with branches in Sydney and Armidale? Geoff tells the story.

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About This Stoker (Part 2)

I’ve already outlined in a previous post my primary diagnosis of my blindness. As part of the classification process as a para-cyclist I’ve had to get an extensive history from my doctors. This has lead to me being reminded of some other things I didn’t mention last time, and my discovery of problems I didn’t know I had.

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