MS Sydney to the Gong Ride 2015

The ride from Sydney to Wollongong in support of the MS Society was held on Sunday 1st November 2015.

eXsight Tandems Illawarra was well represented on the 2015 MS Sydney to the Gong Ride, with four (4) teams on Cannondale tandems and three (3) solo riders, participating in both the 90 km and 56 km rides. A total of $935 was raised by the eXsight TRN team as sponsorship for the MS Society.

Geoff Hunter has written the following report
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A Brief History of Exsight Tandems

In April 2008 Geoff Stratton had an Apollo tandem, an old beach cruiser tandem and was put in contact with Peter Meers, who had some experience captaining a blind person on a tandem. This is the seed that would become Exsight, but how did this pair grow into a group of over sixty members in Wollongong, with branches in Sydney and Armidale? Geoff tells the story.

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