Why I Ride : Katherine Welshaw

This is the first in a series of short items from Exsight members about why they enjoy riding tandem. First up, Sydney based member Katherine Welshaw.

Katherine sits behind Colin on the tandem at the velodrome
Katherine and Colin at the recent “Ride for Rotary” event, Unanderra velodrome

I have always been a sporty person. Swimming, athletics, goalball plus various other outdoor activities in New Zealand, I’ve given it a go.

When i moved to Sydney in 2011 I felt lost not only as a vision impaired person trying to navigate a new city but also as an avid sportsperson trying to find a community i fitted into over here.

Near the end of 2011 i discovered exsight.

Exsight gave me a purpose and reason to expand my confidence both navigating a new ciry and meeting new people.

Not only have exsight given me a great sporting outlet but the people i have met are amazing.
The pilots/captains go above and beyond to make each and every ride memorable.

Not only have a partaken in various rides in both Sydney to Wollongong but ive taken part in the Sydney Spring Cycle but with the support of exsight in everyway i have even completed a triathlon.

Cycling not only gives you an energy outlet but always put a smile on faces.

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