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Exsight Tandems exists to provide recreational opportunities to those who can’t do these activities by themselves, through tandem cycling and acoustic target shooting.

Our challenge is that tandem bicycles and acoustic scopes are expensive pieces of equipment. The cost for a person with a vision or other impairment to participate in these activities, even at a basic recreational level, is significantly higher than for an able bodied person.

For example, a decent recreational tandems start from around $1,200 and go over $5,000, while a good racing tandem start at around $9,000.  As a comparison, a good standard racing bike can be had for $2000.

Similarly, the costs involved in target shooting are higher for a Vision Impaired shooter, as the acoustic scope used costs between $1,000 and $2,000 on top of $2,000-$4,000 for a suitable air rifle, plus shooting jacket.

For our tandem riders and our shooters, Exsight also covers the cost of consumable items, such as tyres, tubes, targets and pellets.

Exsight is thankful to our donors and sponsors for their support, and you can help too with sponsorship or a tax deductible donation.