Vale Lord Bernard Tobias

In the last week, while planning to get this site live, Exsight lost a member and friend when Lord passed away. His funeral was yesterday, and it seems fitting to lead the launch of the new site with some words about Lord from Exsight’s President, Geoff Stratton.

It was five years ago that Lord joined Exsight from a chance Business Card pick up from Vision Australia. for all of us who met him, he has been an inspiration in the way he accepted challenges. He never let his limitations prevent him from doing anything he set his mind too. Along with regular weekly rides, Lord completed the MS Sydney Wollongong, Shellharbour and Round the Lake rides.
[jwplayer mediaid=”165″]A 7 News Story about the 2011 Sydney to the Gong Ride, featuring Lord

He lived right up to his frequent stated position: “You can only play with the cards of life that you have in the hand! Make sure you play the best game you can!” Once again he demonstrated truth of those words as he faced what must have been a confronting prognosis of his health.

He is going to be missed by all of Exsight, the cafe staff at Rubys, Seascape and the Whitehouse, not least of all, the many laidies he met and captibvated with his stories and obvious delight in meeting him.

Lets remember him for the positive way he lived life. He said that Exsight Tandems helped him with that approach. Exsight must try to give others the thing Lord often said it gave him: “It was the organisation that gave him the impetus to move on from the loss of sight and provided a necessary social outlet”.

Lord, go to rest with the knowledge of a job well done, in particular for Exsight Tandems Illawarra, Thank you!!!

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