Acoustic Target Shooting Update

Seven Vision Impaired Exsight members are competing in the international postal Home Range Cup (HRC) target shooting competition for 2021.

COVID restrictions have limited the number of European shooters involved this year, with only one VI shooter from Austria competing in the same Division as the Exsight shooters. Regardless, Steve, Peter, Rhonda and Sarah are all shooting scores that would have placed them highly in pre-COVID HRC competitions.

After 2 rounds and a possible maximum score of 1308: Steve is in 1st place with 1245.5, Peter in 2nd with 1236.8, Rhonda in 3rd with 1234.5, Sarah in 4th with 1230.3, Victoria in 6th with 1201.2, Bronwyn in 7th with 1167.1, Troy in 8th with 1080.3. Round 3 of a total of 4 rounds has just commenced with Sarah setting the “bar” at 620.3 out of a possible maximum of 654 for 60 shots. This is an average of 10.3 per shot (maximum possible is 10.9 per shot).

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  1. Seven (7) Vision Impaired Exsight members recently competed in an International Postal Target Shooting competition known as the Home Range Cup, which is associated with World Shooting Para Sport. The competition was held over four (4) rounds between November 2020 and February 2021for a total of 240 shots on a 10m indoor target range. Maximum score for each shot is 10.9. Overall Placings and averages per shot are as follows: 1st Steven Fox 10.4; 2nd Peter Holzigal 10.3; 3rd Sarah Plunkett 10.3; 4th Rhonda McCaw 10.2; 6th Victoria Barthus 10.1; 7th Bronwyn Drew 9.9; and 8th Troy King 9.5.

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