Make Geoff jump!

Geoff is brave enough to let us pilot him, but will he jump out of a plane

Geoff is the president of Exsight Tandems Illawarra and has been blind since childhood. He rides a tandem bike with anyone who will pilot him. This takes courage to trust another person to safely negotiate the Illawarra roads and cycleways. But does he have the courage to jump out of a plane?

One of Geoff’s tandem pilots, Dallas, also happens to be a tandem skydive instructor with Skydive Australia (Skydive the Beach). He wants to take Geoff for a skydive over Wollongong. Geoff is apprehensive, and needs some motivation to do it. If he could raise some awareness for his beloved Exsight Tandems charity, or even find some new vision impaired people to get involved with Exsight, that would do it, he says.

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Dallas – Tandem cycling and tandem skydiving!

We are also asking people to donate to Exsight to give Geoff the motivation to jump. You can donate using the paypal button at the top of the page.

Will he?

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