Target Shooting

Acoustic target shooting uses cameras and sound to replace vision to allow a vision impaired shooter to aim a rifle.  The system uses a special scope that provides a variable pitch sound through headphones to guide the shooters’ aim.

Rhonda shooting Bench Rest at the Sydney International Shooting Centre in Cecil Park NSW using Electronic targets. A VIASS Pro Acoustic Scope is mounted on her personal indoor target shooting air rifle.

The acoustic system utilises a high speed camera (mounted on a 177 calibre air rifle), which converts the target image and aiming point of the air rifle into an audio signal that is heard through headphones by the shooter.  The pitch of the audio signal allows the Vision Impaired (VI) shooter to aim the rifle.  The higher the pitch of the audio signal the closer the aiming point of the rifle is to the centre of the target.  The centre of the target (recorded as a 10.9 score) is identified by a double beep in the headphones


Exsight Tandems Illawarra is a licenced Target Shooting Club in NSW and our VI target shooters have obtained Category A Target Shooting Licences issued by the NSW Firearms Registry.  In NSW each VI shooter must be assisted by a sighted Exsight member who holds a NSW Target Shooting Firearms Licence/Permit. 

Terry using the Kedok Acoustic Scope and Exsight club Weihrauch air rifle, with down range lighting system and Spring Stand, using Paper targets at the Schuetzenklub, Albion Park NSW

Exsight became involved with Acoustic Target shooting in 2015, initially with two Swarovski ZE-B618 acoustic scopes from Austria and then with an additional two Kedok acoustic scopes from Holland.  These four acoustic scopes have recently been made redundant through changes to the World Shooting Para Sport (WSPS) Rules and Exsight has now purchased a compliant VIASS Pro Acoustic Scope from Austria. 

Exsight VI shooters have been competing annually in the Home Range Cup (HRC),  an international postal target shooting competition involving European and USA blind or vision impaired target shooters.  Seven of Exsight’s VI shooters compete regularly in the HRC and their results are encouraging.  Rhonda won her division in 2020 and Steven, Peter, Rhonda and Sarah are well placed early in the 2021 competition.

60 practise shots by Steven using the VIASS Pro Acoustic Scope mounted on a 177 cal. BSA Gold Star SE air rifle shooting at International Shooting Sport Federation approved paper rifle targets

Exsight now has two 177 calibre Weihrauch HW100S and two 177 calibre BSA Gold Star SE outdoor target shooting air rifles. 

There are currently two VI approved indoor target shooting ranges in NSW: the Sydney International Shooting Centre in Cecil Park using electronic targets; and the Schuetzenklub in Albion Park using paper targets.  Exsight Tandems Illawarra Inc is a Resident Club at both of these indoor firearm ranges.  The VIASS Pro Acoustic Scope is compatible with both electronic and paper target systems.

Vision Impaired acoustic target shooting is now a World Shooting Para Sport and a Paralympic sanctioned event and is likely to be included in the 1928 Paralympic Games with World Championships held annually at various cities throughout the world including Sydney, Australia in 2019.

Is this a sport for you?

Use the contact form below to start a conversation with us about how you can get involved. Either as a vision impaired shooter, or as a volunteer licensed supervisor.


Exsight operates entirely on its own with no outside grants or funding. We rely on donations from members and supporters.

Acoustic target shooting is expensive, requiring specialised acoustic scopes, air rifles, stands, shooting tables, clothing and consumables such as air rifle pellets, paper targets and air fills for the rifles plus backup air cylinders.

The Acoustic Scopes come from Europe and cost approximately $2,500 (AUD).  Specialised indoor target shooting air rifles cost between $2,000 and $5,000 (AUD), shooting tables including stands are approximately $250 each.  In addition to onsite one-on-one supervision, Exsight supplies consumable paper targets at $150 per 1,000 and air rifle pellets at $150 per 5,000 for our shooters.  A NSW Firearms licence costs $200 for 5-years and requires completion of a Firearms Safety Course of approximately $150.  Resident Club Range fees for Exsight members are $17 per visit at Cecil Park and $20 per visit at Albion Park.

You can support our target shooters with a tax deductible donation.

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